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If you’re seeking affordable guidance and support in your career, the NDN Mentoring Program has been created especially for you! We understand that not everyone can afford, or wants, career coaching and the benefits a mentor can provide are limitless.

Connect with experienced mentors who are here to help you succeed, all while supporting the growth of our community.

Why Mentoring?

Tailored Guidance & Skill Enhancement

Benefit from one-on-one support and personalised growth plans that focus on enhancing your specific skills and navigating your career path effectively.

Career Development & Networking

Gain invaluable insights into your field, learn from experienced professionals, and access broader networking opportunities to propel your career forward.

Increased Confidence & Neurodiversity Understanding

Boost your confidence through supportive mentorship while gaining perspectives on thriving as a neurodivergent individual in professional environments.

Goal Achievement & Emotional Support

Set and reach realistic goals with your mentor’s accountability and receive emotional support and encouragement throughout your journey.

How It Works

The NDN Mentoring Program is a 12 week program. At the start of the 12 weeks you will be paired with a mentor and over the 12 week period you will have a total of 6 x 1 hour mentoring sessions with them.

Fill out the below form to register as a mentee in the Neurodiversity Mentoring Program.

Please share with us your level of experience in the workforce – this helps us match you to an ideal mentor!
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If you are currently employed, please share with us your role title
Do you have any specific challenges you’re hoping to gain support with?
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