Career Services

NDN was built on the back of wanting to unlock meaningful, sustainable careers for neurodivergent individuals around the world. Our career services are one small step in achieving that mission – we currently offer a directory of coaches with ADDCA or ICF accreditation, as well as mentoring within our own community to amplify the lived experience and support from within.

NDN Mentoring Program

Running 3 times per year, our 12-week Mentoring Program is a cornerstone of our career support services, specifically designed to be accessible for our neurodivergent community. This initiative is powered by the wealth of experience within our community, connecting you with established professionals who are ready to share their insights, guidance, and support.

  • Community-Driven: Our mentors are esteemed members of the NDN community, embodying a diverse range of professions and experiences.
  • Tailored Support: Benefit from personalised mentoring tailored to your specific career goals and challenges.
  • Comprehensive Program: The 12-week structure ensures a thorough exploration of your career aspirations, with flexible scheduling to fit your life.

Embark on your mentoring journey and unlock your professional potential:

Coaching Directory

Explore our curated directory of neurodivergent coaches, including specialized ADHD coaches, to find the perfect match for your career development needs. These independent coaches are accredited by reputable institutions such as the ICF or ADDCA, offering a range of services to cater to your individual needs.

  • Specialised Coaching: From executive functioning to career strategy, our coaches offer specialised support.
  • Accredited Professionals: Rest assured, knowing you’re working with accredited coaches who understand the neurodivergent experience.
  • Flexible Engagements: With additional fees, choose the coaching service that aligns with your career goals and budget.

Find your ideal coach and take a significant step towards career mastery:

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