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At The Neurodiversity Network, we believe that mentorship is a powerful tool for career growth and personal development. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Neurodiversity Network Mentoring Program, designed to break down barriers and make career support more accessible within our community.

What is the NDN Mentoring Program?

The NDN Mentoring Program is a 100% community run initiative – we have an an incredible community full of experience to tap into and that’s what the NDN Mentoring program aims to bring to life.

Why Mentoring?

Tailored Guidance & Skill Enhancement

Benefit from one-on-one support and personalised growth plans that focus on enhancing your specific skills and navigating your career path effectively.

Career Development & Networking

Gain invaluable insights into your field, learn from experienced professionals, and access broader networking opportunities to propel your career forward.

Increased Confidence & Neurodiversity Understanding

Boost your confidence through supportive mentorship while gaining perspectives on thriving as a neurodivergent individual in professional environments.

Goal Achievement & Emotional Support

Set and reach realistic goals with your mentor’s accountability and receive emotional support and encouragement throughout your journey.

The Specifics of How It Works

  • Our mentoring program runs for a period of 12 weeks during which time mentees are paired with one of our mentors.
  • Mentors commit to providing 6 hours of mentoring with their mentees over a timeframe and platform that meets both their needs.
  • Several methods of communication such as video chat, voice chat or instant message are available for mentoring.

Meet Our Mentors

Justine Field


Community members like you can become mentors by participating in our introductory effective mentoring webinar. This equips you with the skills and confidence needed to guide and support your fellow community members on their career journeys.

Best of all, mentoring is entirely free for our mentors, as you’re giving back to the community by sharing your experiences – we simply ask for a commitment of 2 hours per month from you.


If you’re seeking guidance and support on your career path but cannot afford a dedicated career coach, this mentoring program was created especially for you.

For a fee of $120 AUD, you gain access to our wonderful community of mentors and 6 mentoring sessions carried out via your communication method of choice. Connect with experienced mentors who are here to help you succeed, all while supporting the growth of our community.

Our mentoring program is a win-win for everyone involved. It’s a chance for mentors to give back, mentees to receive valuable guidance, and our community to strengthen through shared knowledge and support.

Ready to be part of this dynamic program?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can be a mentor?

Anyone can become a mentor! We support anyone wishing to be a mentor by offering them the opportunity to join a webinar on how to be an effective mentor for neurodivergent minds.

What is the time commitment expected from mentors?

We ask that mentors commit two hours of their time per month to mentoring. If they’d like to commit more, that is great! But we leave this up to the discretion of the mentor.

Is being a mentor completely voluntary?

Yes, mentoring in the program is completely voluntary however to say thank you and attempt to give back, you are able to access mentoring for free – provided you provide 1 hour of mentoring per month.

What is the expected duration of a mentoring relationship?

The length of time you spend in your mentoring relationship is completely up to you! You might find an ongoing long term mentoring relationship suits you well, or you might simply be after some advice and only need one session. That’s the beauty of mentoring – you’re not tied into anything!

Why do mentees have to pay?

We recognise the need for low-cost, accessible career support for neurodivergent individuals and have made every effort to keep this as cost-effective as possible. The $120 fee goes directly back into further The Neurodiversity Network mission and helping pay for the costs associated with running this platform.

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?

Great question! At face value they can seem the same, however they are quite different!

Coaching is when an an individual is trained in specific coaching techniques to help you achieve your goals. They have typically undergone training, and are focussed on helping you reach your outcomes.

Mentoring is when an individual with lived experience shares their experiences with you, to help you learn and grow. Whilst coaching might be performed by a highly skilled mentor, it’s not always necessary. Mentors act more as a sounding board and as someone for you to draw experience / advice and learn from.

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