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The Neurodiversity Network is a not-for-profit organisation, and we strive to be as free and low-cost as possible, so we appreciate anyone that would like to volunteer their time to help further the mission of bringing accessible employment to neurodivergent professionals around the world.

We’re committed to providing valuable resources and support to neurodivergent individuals seeking to build sustainable careers for themselves. Our volunteers play a crucial role in making it possible. By joining our team, you’re not just contributing your time and skills; you’re ensuring that our network remains operational, reaches as many neurodivergent people as possible, and continues to offer a platform that is accessible and affordable. Your involvement directly impacts the sustainability of NDN, allowing us to keep our platform free and low-cost for those who need it most. 

Join us today and be a driving force behind positive change for neurodivergent professionals!

Volunteer Roles Currently Open

These are the volunteer roles we currently need help with! Please click the links below to access a description of each of the roles.

Resource Hub Administrator

Social Media Content Creator

Our Volunteer Team

These lovely humans dedicate time to helping out with NDN!


Justine is our Member Stories Co-Ordinator.

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Please share the capacity in which you’d like to be involved with The Neurodiversity Network e.g community moderation / social media management / partnerships.
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