Community Code of Conduct


  • Community members may choose to remain anonymous on the community platform however agree to use a legitimate email upon registration for verification purposes.

Community Conduct

  • Inclusive, respectful language. Community members agree to utilise inclusive and respectful language when participating in threads across The Neurodiversity Network Community Forums.
  • No personal attacks or bullying. In the event of disagreements or other adverse situations, community members will not resort to personal attacks or bullying behaviours. This includes name-calling, repeatedly harassing individuals or exhibiting troll behaviour.
  • Kindness First. As neurodiverse individuals none of us should be strangers to having our words misconstrued. In the event an individual’s words or language has come across in a poor way, endeavour to be kind and curious before immediately passing judgement.
  • Offering Support + Guidance. The Neurodiversity Network is only as successful as the community members want it to be – by reciprocating support and guidance where you can, we ensure all community members benefit from the collective experience of each other.
  • Report any negative behaviour. Where Community Members see any of the above rules being broken, please utilise the forum Report function, or directly email admin@theneurodiversitynetwork.com with details of the incident/behaviour being reported.
  • Advertising / Promotional Material. Community members will not only engage in the advertisement or promotion of services offered outside of The Neurodiversity Network without also fully engaging in other community activities such as offering support and guidance unrelated to any services or products you are also advertising. If you wish to partner a product or service with The Neurodiversity Network please reach out to sheridan@theneurodiversitynetwork.com
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